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The big day has arrived
If you are reading this article most of your main event planning and organising should be coming to an end and the big day is probably looming. Its nearly time to put all your planning and organising into action. Even the best laid plans can sometimes go wrong but hopefully with all your planning and preparations you should be well prepared for all eventualities. To help you avoid turning your event into a summer nightmare we have put together a few last minute useful tips.
First things first. Its going to be an early start and a long hot day so make sure that you and all your helpers are well prepared, cool clothes, comfortable shoes, plenty of cold drinks and refreshments, sun protection and light waterproof coat should it decide to rain. Other useful items may include notepad, pencils, mobile phones, hand wipes and towel. Don't forget to take with you your written risk assessment plus your site plan and contact numbers for all the attractions and services you may have booked for your event.

On arrival gather your helpers and delegate specific tasks for the day for each helper as per your plan. Set up a covered central area where you can control your event and where all your helpers will know where to find you should they need you quickly. Next walk your event site with your helpers and talk through any risk assessment issues with them making sure they understand what should be done to avoid any risks and action to be taken should an accident happen.

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Plan early
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Your event aims
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Delegate tasks
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On the day
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One of your attractions or services have failed to turn up.
You've had it planned and organised for months, booked everything and everybody you need, spent a fortune on advertising, surely nothing could go wrong. The big day arrives, the morning is going on and somebody has not turned up, you're starting to fret, the stress level is building and panic is setting in. OK, calm down you're just reading this article.

This is a problem that occasionally happens and one that we are told about every year and although we have no part in any negotiations between organisers and event businesses we do take it seriously and sympathise with organisers. But what can be done? Well in real terms very little, as the reasons for not turning up could be numerous from illness, breakdown to the business simply being offered a pitch at a bigger more lucrative event.

Smaller events are especially effected by this as funds and recourses are very limited. So even though your event may have to be cancelled, postponed or scaled down here are a few ideas that may help.


One idea may be to draw up a contract with each business you book for your event with a non attendance clause in it. Where the business will be liable for any cost or expenses incurred if they fail to attend.


Insurance cover may be available depending on cost of premiums.


Make contingency plans, get a list together before your event of similar businesses that may be able to fill the gap at last minute.

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