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Time to advertise and promote your summer event
All the planning, complying with safety regulations, preparing risk assessments and booking event services has all been done, all you need to do now is think about advertising and promoting your event to your target audience or general public. The secret to making your event a success is to carefully plan where to advertise and at which point to start promoting your event, too far in advance or too early and your target audience could forget all about it, too late and people could already have made plans for the day. So you need to position your event date in your target audiences diary of summer activities as well as reminding them nearer to the actual event date.

A lot of hard work goes into planning and organising an event by committee members and helpers, so the last thing you want is nobody turning up to it. Advertising and promoting your event is part and parcel of organising an event, very rarely will you get away with it not costing anything and this cost should always be calculated into your event expenses budget. How much you will need to spend will depend greatly on the size audience you wish to attract. A village school fun day may only want to notify pupils families and place a few notices around the village, whereas a classic car day will want to advertise further a field to classic car enthusiast and owners through specialist publications etc.

Hopefully we can give you a few ideas and money saving tips to help you start promoting and advertising your summer event. To continue reading on please use the key points navigation bar.


Time to promote
All the planning has been done, now all you need to do is promote your event to your target audience or public.
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What are the best types of advertising that will really work well for promoting your event?
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At other events
Get together with other local event organisers.
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Promotional ideas
The simple, least expensive methods often work the best.
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On the internet
A website will make your event more accessible to a wider audience for a very low cost.
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