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Promotional ideas
Event programs are a great way to tell visitors to your event about what's going on throughout the day, but have you ever thought of using your event programs as an advertising negotiating tool to get local businesses to advertise your event in their stores and shop fronts?

Many event organisers particularly of larger events use their event programs to sell advertising space to businesses to raise extra funds. This works well when you can guarantee to advertisers that many thousands will attend, buy a program and see the advertisement. However, for the smaller event organiser the important point is to get the event advertised in as many places as possible for as little cost as possible. So try visiting and speaking to local businesses and offering them discounted or free advertising space within your program in exchange for displaying a promotional poster, flyer or free tickets. This will be far more beneficial in terms of getting people to attend and spend at your event than trying to sell advertisements.

If you are not intending to produce a program how about offering local businesses a chance to be a free sponsor of various activities, races or competitions being held. Every time an activity takes place simply introduce the activity over the public announce system and give a mention of the particular sponsor of that activity or entertainment.

Apart from event programs other low cost promotional methods that should be seriously considered are:

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Time to promote
All the planning has been done, now all you need to do is promote your event to your target audience or public.
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What are the best types of advertising that will really work well for promoting your event?
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At other events
Get together with other local event organisers.
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Promotional ideas
The simple, least expensive methods often work the best.
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On the internet
A website will make your event more accessible to a wider audience for a very low cost.
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