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Planning introduction
Organising an event for the first time can be a rather daunting prospect with so many things to organise and legal requirements to consider. Here at countyfetes we will help guide you through the various stages from the early initial planning, health and safety regulations, using professional services through to marketing and advertising your event. Our planner is aimed at providing you with general advice and pointers to help you when organising any type of summer event.

To help you navigate your way around our summer event planner we have split it into four sections which are listed at the top right of the page numbered one to four. Within each of those sections you will see a key points navigation bar which will take you to relevant pages within the section you are viewing.

Thorough planning and research is the key to organising a successful event. Start planning your event as early as possible, establish what your event is setting out to achieve, plan the type of event you are holding, set up a committee and delegate tasks, carefully plan when and where to hold your event and finally watch the finances.

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Planning intro
Planning for a successful event.
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Plan early
Start planning as early as possible.
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Your event aims
Establish what your event is to achieve.
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Event type
Fete, fun day or themed event?
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Delegate tasks
Set up a committee and delegate tasks.
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When and where
Time and place to hold your event.
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Financial planning
New events can need initial funding.
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On the day
Last minute tips.
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Fundraising ideas for you to use and adapt to suit your requirements.
Provided and contributed by numerous sources and fundraisers.

Making that extra £1! (without annoying your event goers).
A few ideas on how to make that little bit extra money. (countyfetes)

One of your attractions or services have failed to turn up.
A problem that occasionally happens, but what can be done? (countyfetes)

Keep your visitors and their pets cool and watered.
Not everybody likes to be in the heat all day long. (countyfetes)

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