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Where and when to hold your event
After deciding to hold an event and organising your committee you will need to start planning where and when to hold your summer event. First of all you need to decide "when" to hold your event, obviously being a summer event planner you are going to hold it in the summer, but when we refer to summer we are referring to the months from mid April to late September so the time of year could affect many aspects of your event.

You may want to consider the following points when planning "when" to hold your summer event:
Weather conditions, what will the event site conditions be like in wet and windy weather? As we well know it can rain all year round, but can be more of a problem during the spring months. Consider the hours of daylight available, what time will it get dark? If you are planning evening entertainment, will it be in the dark? Will you need to provide temporary lighting and would it make it difficult clearing up after the event? Consider which day of the week and the time of day to hold your event. Will your event clash with school holidays, bank holidays when you expect many people go away?

Also worth considering is which other events are being held locally. This is particularly important as it is likely that there will be several events taking place at the same time during June, July and August. If possible try to avoid clashing with major crowd pulling shows in your area as they are likely to reduce your visitor numbers.  

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