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The big day has arrived continued
Get that site map out. As traders, amusements and attractions arrive, place them according to your site map, if you have time before the event day, mark out the site by pegging out areas or use removable white paint to number and mark out pitches A word of advice, if you need to move a particular stall, perhaps because it is bigger than you thought, do so before they have set up for the day. Once positioned and time spent setting up many traders and attractions will be reluctant to move. Make sure everything is in place before any visitors arrive and admitted plus all emergency services have clear access to any part of your event site.

Keep notes
As the day unfolds, keep notes of any problems, things that might or have gone wrong, new ideas for next year and comments from traders and visitors. These can be used to help you make improvements to next years event. A good idea is to use a dictaphone that can be played back and listened to after the event plus they are easier to carry around than paper and pencil.

Delegate tasks as much a possible. Stay close to your central control area at all times. Stay relaxed and calm, even when things are not going perfectly. But most importantly have a great, fun, safe day and raise lots of money for whatever cause you are supporting.




Planning intro
Planning for a successful event.
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Plan early
Start planning as early as possible.
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Your event aims
Establish what your event is to achieve.
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Event type
Fete, fun day or themed event?
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Delegate tasks
Set up a committee and delegate tasks.
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When and where
Time and place to hold your event.
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Financial planning
New events can need initial funding.
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On the day
Last minute tips.
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Keep your visitors and their pets cool and watered
If you're holding an event over the hopefully very hot summer months you may need to provide a few extra facilities and services for your visitors. Many people take their dogs along to events especially if they are animal related, so try to make arrangements that your parking attendants to keep an eye open for dogs which may be left in cars and if possible provide a drinking area for them.

Not everybody likes to be in the heat all day long, so if a shady area is available, set it aside with seating for people to escape the sun. Organise to, or with your caterer, to provide extra supplies of cold bottled drinking water and if appropriate hire small drinking water tankers.

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