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Advertise your event at other local events
Getting together with other local event organisers and pulling your resources together can be a great way to build an advertising network between events being held in your area. The benefit of this is that each event will have an easy to reach, captive audience who are already interested in attending local events and will probably want to know what other events are going on within the area over the summer period.

However, before we go any further a small note of caution before approaching other event organisers. Remember that organising an event is like running a small business and no event organiser is going to advertise other events if its going to effect his or hers own event, particularly if its being held on the same day and is likely to take people away from their event, do your homework first to avoid any embarrassment.   

The system works best when there are a variety of events being held over the space of a few months on different weekends within the local community. For example the village church fete could be followed a week later by the village flower show, followed by a boating extravaganza along the river and so on.

There are several ways in which this can be done at each event, announcements over the PA can be made, a page in event programs can be dedicated to other events held in the area, leaflets and a few free or discounted tickets can be handed out during the event, even small giveaway products with your event name and date on can be handed out to children etc.


Time to promote
All the planning has been done, now all you need to do is promote your event to your target audience or public.
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What are the best types of advertising that will really work well for promoting your event?
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At other events
Get together with other local event organisers.
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Promotional ideas
The simple, least expensive methods often work the best.
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On the internet
A website will make your event more accessible to a wider audience for a very low cost.
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