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General information
Countyfetes offers a free email service for individuals, event organiser's or companies who wish to contact numerous or individual advertisers within the website. Countyfetes reserve the right to refuse to send out any email request where we feel the wording directly or indirectly is infringing upon copyright, includes a registered trademark, racist, defamatory, sexually oriented, not genuine in nature or may cause offence to any recipient company or individual. Countyfetes warrants that the email service will be provided with reasonable care in a professional and timely manner.
Email services covered by these terms and conditions
These terms and conditions will apply to the following services:
Free email service
Form located at emailservice/index.htm.
Email category
Forms located within directory categories via a link at the top of page.
Email advertiser
Forms located within advertisers listings via an envelope image link.
Email service disclaimer
All individuals, event organiser's or companies should be aware that on occasions advertisers may not wish to attend certain types of events, may be already booked or the general response to the email request has been limited. Countyfetes will not be liable for any losses or expenses incurred directly or indirectly where any individuals, event organiser's or companies have relied solely upon the email service for their event requirements, a business has not turned up or where they may have to cancel their advertised attraction or service and look else where for their requirements.
Abusing the email service (organisers)
By abusing we mean giving false or misleading information about your event or function which is deliberately aimed to entice businesses or for financial reward or gain. Forms of deception can include over stating inflated expected crowd size, false information about the amount of similar services attending and other false information. If we receive complaints from any recipients we will immediately withdraw the email service from individuals, event organiser's or companies who are abusing the free email service.
Redistributing the email service (advertisers)
As clearly stated under your advertising terms and conditions Countyfetes does not permit the redistributing or publishing of any email service request that you receive. Our email service forms a confidential privacy contract between organisers, advertisers and Countyfetes, redistributing to third parties or publishing without all party consent will result in the service being withdrawn from the advertiser and a review of the advertising contract.
Privacy Policy
By using any email service form and providing your contact information and event details in the required form fields or text boxes you are consenting to those details being processed and emailed to recipients. It is important to understand that once either the email service form or the email category form is submitted the information may be sent out to over one hundred recipients. Only ever provide the reply contact method that you feel most comfortable handing out to businesses. Enquiries sent via the 'email advertiser' link will only be sent to that individual advertiser.
Acceptance of these terms and conditions
These terms and conditions apply to both sender and recipients of all submitted email services on this website. The placing and submitting of an email service request via the email service form, email category form, email advertiser form on Countyfetes shall amount to full acceptance of all the terms and conditions of usage above.
These terms and conditions are an extension of our existing full Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.
More information
If you would like any further information or have any questions you would like answered we will be more than happy discuss them with you contact us
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