For event organisers


Simple cut and paste banner codes for you to use Many website owners and creators like to link to the various areas throughout Countyfetes to give extra depth and useful links to their visitors plus help with search engine optimisation. So we have put together our "Link To Us" area where you can help yourself to image banners and create links to our home page or deep links to the different areas within the website.
Follow the "CREATE YOUR CODE" instructions below and you'll have our image banner and text links up and running in minutes.


Banner image links
Select the image you want to display from the banner selections (right).
2. Copy the image code from above your banner image selection (right).
3. Paste and replace the word code (only) in the html text box (below).
4. Simply copy all the completed code from the html text box below and paste into the html of your web page. Don't forget to upload your website page to the internet afterwards.
Text only links, use the code below
To link to individual pages replace with the address of the page you wish to link to. To do this, simply copy the whole address from the address bar in your internet web browser.
General notes:
Once the code has been inserted no further action is required as the banner will be automatically updated as and when new banners become available. All image hyperlinks will open in a new window. If you find that there is not a banner suitable for your website or you have any problems, let us know and we will be more than happy to help or make one up for you.
Copyright notice:
Only the provided html code is to be used, please do not right click and copy or save the images. To view our full copyright statement click here