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General Enquiries
For all user enquiries, directory information, website help, user guidance and general information. 0345 226 7373

Advertising Enquiries
For all advertising related enquiries, to place an advert, update your adverts and other advertisers enquiries. 01984 667828

All Email Enquiries
Alternatively you can email us your enquiry or questions via our online form, ideal if out of office hours. Email Form

Calls to 0345 numbers are charged for at the same rate as standard 01/02 numbers and are also included in many inclusive call minute packages from land lines and mobiles.

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Office Opening Times
Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm
Saturday 9.00am - 12.00 Midday

Office Closing Times
We are closed for all UK bank holidays and the following annual breaks...
Spring 2019 - TBC
Summer 2019 - TBC
Christmas 2019 - 20th Dec- 6th Jan

Office Postal Address
.................... Dept
Hawkins Barton
Combe Florey
Somerset TA4 3JD

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Card Payments
We are able to take payments via most of the major credit and debit cards please phone with your card details.

Online Banking
You can pay directly though your bank using the following account details.
Account Name. Villagefetes
Account No. 02049112
Sort Code. 60-80-06
Please use your account number that is provided on your invoice as reference.

Yes, we still accept cheques!
Please make payable to "Villagefetes" and for reference please put your name, address and account number on the back or on any remittance slip.

Standard rate value added tax is applied to all our advertising prices and related website services fees.
Registration No: 811 2282 71

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General Copyright Policy
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Copyright Statement
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Further information regarding this copyright statement can be requested from us via any of the contact methods located on our contact us page.