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Last Edited: 19/11/2019

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-Terms and Conditions of Use

1. When referring to 'sites', 'website' or 'websites'... we are referring to one or all of the following websites,,,,, and
2. When referring to 'Villagefetes'... we are referring to the business that owns the websites above (1).

General Terms and Conditions of Use
The document links below set out the general terms under which you may access this website and apply to all users of this website including advertisers and customers. Please read them carefully before using our services as they are a legally binding agreement between you (the user) and Villagefetes. If you do not accept or disagree with any part of the terms of this agreement you must not continue to browse or use the website. If however you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions of use as set out below, which together govern Villagefetes's relationship with you in relation to this website and services.
Terms and Conditions of Use.
Privacy Policy.
Cookies and Cookie Control.
Disclaimer Statement.
Copyright Statement.
Accessibility and Compatibility.

Email Services Terms and Conditions (Service Specific)
These additional terms are not separate standalone terms but a sub clause (extension) of our general terms of use, and therefore form part of your agreement with us should you use any of the services provided by this website. Should any service specific or special terms conflict with these general terms then the service specific terms of use will take precedence. This website is continuously being improved and new features added, it is your sole responsibility to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of use relating to specific areas, services or promotions.

These service specific terms of use will apply to the following:
1. Free email service - located within our free email service area.
2. Services directory email category - located within directory categories via a link at the top of page.
3. Services directory email advertiser - located within directory listings via a button and envelope link.

These service specific terms of use apply to both sender and recipients of all submitted email services on this website. The placing and submitting of an email service request via the forms provided as above on this website shall amount to full acceptance of our general terms of use and those below.

Privacy Policy
By submitting any email service form you are consenting to your personal data, contact information and event details being processed and emailed to recipients. It is important to understand that once either the email service form or the email category form is submitted the information may possibly be sent out to over one hundred recipients (depending upon your request). Only ever provide the reply contact method that you feel most comfortable handing out to businesses, enquiries sent via the 'email advertiser' link will only be sent to that individual advertiser.

Your Obligations
It is your sole responsibility...
1. To provide clear and accurate information about your event or function and your requirements.
2. To give details of any associated attendance remuneration or fees in any communication.
3. To undertake to deal solely and directly with all advertisers responding to your email service request.
4. To ensure that all responding advertisers fully comply with current regulations within their industry sector.

Unacceptable Use
1. You must not use the email service for any other form of communication other than for the purposes stated by the service.
2. You must not misuse or abuse the email service by giving false or misleading information about your event or function.
3. You must not deceive businesses into attending your event or function by over inflating expected crowd sizes or financial reward or gain.
4. You must not give false information about the amount of similar services attending your event or function.
5. You must not give misleading information which is deliberately aimed at enticing businesses which would otherwise decline attending.

Redistributing (Recipients)
Except with our express written permission you must NOT copy, reproduce, redistribute or publish in any form the content of any email service request that you receive. Our email service forms a confidential privacy agreement between organisers, advertisers and Villagefetes, redistributing to third parties or publishing without all party consent will result in the service being withdrawn from the recipient and an ending of the recipients advertising contract with this website.

Barring or Restricting Access
Villagefetes reserve the right to refuse to send out any email request where the user has (in our reasonable opinion) failed to operate, in breach of, or acted inconsistently within these terms and conditions of use as above. This will include but not limited to the wording whether directly or indirectly is racist, defamatory, sexually oriented, infringes upon copyright, not genuine in nature or may cause offence to any recipient business or individual. If we receive complaints from either senders or recipients notifying us of individuals or businesses abusing the service we will immediately withdraw the use of from the offending party.

Warranty and Disclaimer
Villagefetes warrants that the email service will be provided with reasonable care in a professional timely manner and we hope you will get a good response from using the service, however there are things that we don't promise about our email service and all individuals, event organiser's or businesses using the service should be aware that on occasions the response may be limited. This can be for numerous reasons including but not limited to:
1. Businesses may not wish to attend certain types of events.
2. Businesses may be already booked.
3. Businesses may have seasonal commitments.
4. Your request does not look financially viable to businesses.
5. Your request was last minute.
6. Your request contained insufficient information.

Consequential Disclaimer
Villagefetes will not be liable for any losses or expenses incurred directly or indirectly where any individuals, event organiser's or businesses have relied solely upon the email service for their event requirements, a business has not turned up or where they may have to cancel their advertised attraction or service and look else where for their requirements.

Feedback and More Information
We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions on how we can improve our website and services. Details of all feedback and enquiries are properly recorded and our aim is to acknowledge all feedback in a timely manor. Should you require further information or clarification regarding these terms of use you can request it from us via any of the contact methods located on our contact us page.

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