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Last Edited: 10/12/2019

Email Service

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A Great Free Service

Here at Countyfetes we provide a free email service for event and function organisers where event organisers can request that we email all the advertised businesses within a specific area in our services directory.

Use our email service to...

Book all your event services. Invite tenders for event pitches. Send out concession applications. Get quotes for event equipment hire. Locate displays and attractions.

or use our email service to...

Locate party fun and entertainment. Find a venue for your function. Get quotes for wedding marquee hire. Source catering or hog roast services. Enquire about luxury toilet hire.

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Here at Countyfetes we provide a free to use email service for event and function organisers who need to locate a single or numerous event businesses or services, or who are having difficulty locating a particular event business or service can request that we email all the specified advertised business types within a specific directory area.

Lets explain a bit more
Lets suppose that you are an event organiser who needs to find several mobile caterers, ice cream vans, amusement rides and entertainers for a large outdoor event. You can either contact each one individually or you can request that we email out your business requirement and contact details.

Save Some Time
It's a time consuming job writing to and phoning individual businesses for booking information, quotes and checking availability sometimes only to find they're unavailable or already booked. Far easier is to send out one email to all and wait for those interested to contact you for more details.

Fully Automated Service
Our email service is a completely automated service and once the email service request has been received here at Countyfetes the relevant information is extracted and placed into a forwarding email to be sent to recipients. All further discussion is between you and the relevant businesses and most importantly Countyfetes does not participate in any negotiations.

Getting a Good Response
The secret to getting a good targeted response is to avoid requesting a loose, broad, category of businesses. Requesting a "caterer" will get a response from mobile caterers, ice cream vendors, hog roast caterers etc etc the same can be said of entertainment and amusements. Try to be specific i.e. if you want an ice cream van state an ice cream van. If you are not sure of our directory categories or need guidance you can contact us.

A Word of Warning
Depending upon the event and the email service request there can be intense competition between advertisers to obtain the work, with this in mind make sure that you choose the reply method that will not cause inconvenience (i.e. at work). Replies can be requested either by post, email, telephone or all if needed. Once the form has been submitted and emails sent out to businesses be prepared for numerous replies.