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Whether you're a large or a small events related business Countyfetes has an advertising package that suits every budget. We offer great looking adverts that are affordable, offer excellent value for money and most importantly actually work for you.

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Last Edited: 11/02/2022

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-Frequently Asked Questions

Advertisers Questions

Advertisers Answers

Why should you add your business to our directory?
Countyfetes is not another internet based telephone directory that charges hundreds of pounds just to put your business details in a never ending list. Countyfetes is a specialist internet directory that's been designed, created and is run by people who have actually had many years experience in the events industry, with the aim to help promote event and leisure related businesses such as yours.

So how will Countyfetes help to promote my business?
We already have a proven track record since 2000 of providing low cost advertising packages via our Countyfetes and Villagefetes websites that work. Villagefetes group of sites already has a captive audience, extensive user database, top ranking on many search engines and attracts literally tens of thousands of unique visitors to our websites every week. The aim here at Countyfetes is to continue to provide the same proven formula to bring together all the UK event and leisure related businesses under one roof. Cheap for you to advertise and easy for the user to find you.

What type of organisers are using Countyfetes?
Based upon enquires though our email service and talking to advertisers on the site enquires have ranged from simple parties, weddings, village fetes and corporate events, to major UK shows and events. Companies and organisations using the site have included: Argos, Boots plc, BBC, Medex media, Cake media, Many local councils, Bupa, The Royal Navy, Carlton television and many many more.

Will my entry be under county areas?
No. Your entry will be under one Countyfetes area which typically covers five or more counties, for example the South west area covers Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, North Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, please view the map area info to work out which area to best advertise under.

Can I move my advertisements from area to area?
Once an advertisement has been placed within a directory area we do not offer the facility to transfer individual adverts from one area to another during the advertising contract period. However you can move your advertisements when your contract is due for renewal or if you would like to take out additional advertisements in more areas please contact us.

What will my entry include?
Have a look at our five great value, low cost advertising options click here

Do I have to include a picture/logo linking box?
You don't have to, but we strongly advise that you do. Advertisers that take the time to provide recent photos and well thought out text descriptions are getting excellent results from their adverts.

How does Countyfetes create the logo boxes?
With your permission we take a logo off your website and any other artwork and create you a box advertisement or banner. Don't worry if you have not got a website we can take your logo off your business stationery, company brochure or business cards. All artwork is included in the advertising price.

Can I create and send in my own logo box, impact box, leader banner or splash promotion?
Yes, you can, however the following specifications/design rules must be adhered to, the finished image must be of a high standard and importantly must comply with and not breach our T&Cs (Your Obligations).
Logo Boxes. Width: 110 pixels (exact), Height: 65 pixels (exact), Image Format: GIF (strictly no animation).
Listing Photo. Width: 480 pixels (exact), Height: 326 pixels (exact), Image Format: JPEG (photo quality).
Impact Boxes. Width: 240 pixels (exact), Height: 240 pixels (exact), Image Format: PNG or GIF (animation permitted).
Leader Banners. Width: 728 pixels (exact), Height: 90 pixels (exact), Image Format: PNG or GIF (animation permitted).
Splash Promotions. Width: 676 pixels (exact), Height: 228 pixels (exact), Image Format: PNG (best quality).
Please Note: In all image types above file sizes must be kept as low as possible and if animation is used, frames should be kept to a sensible amount.

Can I link my advert to my social networking page?
Due to the way that social networking websites operate and type of content often contributed to users pages we will not link adverts to any social networking website pages.

How does the free email service work?
Here at Countyfetes we provide a free email service for event organisers where organisers can email out to numerous businesses for quotes, tenders etc. The email service is an automated service and only sends out to businesses that are advertising in the required area. Important: To receive emails via the service you must advertise within the area that you would like to attend events etc. For example if you advertise in the Wales area, you will NOT receive organisers email request in the London area. To take a look at a sample of what comes through the email service click here.

Do you send out event organisers request via post?
No. To keep your advert cost down we do not post out details. You will need to provide a valid email address with your advert.

My business name begins with A1, can I get to the top of page one?
The Countyfetes directory entries are NOT added in alphabetical order. All adverts are placed on a first come, first served basis. Any advertising option purchased will remain in the same position for the entire length of the advertising contract. However should an advertiser drop out all Option 1-3 adverts will move up the list and likewise with Option 4 and 5 adverts.

Will there be a charge to update my advert contact details?
There is no point having a great looking advert if your telephone details are out of date, your email or web links don't work. Simply fill out the form and we will update your advert contact details free of charge throughout the advertising period.

Will there be a charge to update my advert description?
Most advertisers find that the advert description they first supplied when the advert is taken out is sufficient for the advertising period. However advertisers may need to make an update to this description if business operations alter and we can accommodate this requirement free of charge if applied once or twice during the advertising period. If however if you intend to apply regular updates a charge will be applied at our normal hourly rate. Simply fill out the form and we will update your advert description.

Will there be a charge to update my advertisement image linking box?
All advertisement linking image logo boxes, artwork and design time are provided free with each new or renewal advertising contract (see terms & conditions) however if you require an update or alteration within the advertising period a charge will be made at our normal rates.

Do I have to pay if I run a none profit making organisation or charity?
Many event organisers rely upon charities, groups, local clubs and organisations to add a wider variety of stalls and attractions at their events. If you provide a free service such as, for example demonstrating steam engines or run a charity stall you will not be charged for your entry.

Can I pay by credit/debit card?
Yes, we except all major credit/debit cards. Adverts paid by credit/debit card are added to the directory usually within 48hours, invoiced adverts are only added once the account has been paid in full.

Can I point my own domain name to my information or web page?
Yes you can but please note that this is not a service provided by Countyfetes, you will need to seek advice, support and arrange forwarding with your domain name registrar (where you purchased it).

Can I edit and upload to my information or web page?
No. We do not provide an editing or uploading facility with any of our advertising options.

Can I place additional external links on my information or web page?
The only external links that we permit on information or web pages (Option 2 and Option 3) is the external link to the advertisers own website or page within. All information and web pages are held within Countyfetes and therefore make up part of the website, the placing of links to non paid advertisers is not part of our advertising policy.

Is Countyfetes an agency?
NO! NO! NO! Countyfetes is not an agency and we don't take to kindly to being referred to as an agency! Countyfetes is an advertising business, we never take commissions from advertisers and have no part in any negotiations between organisers and event businesses. Whether you have one or a hundred jobs via Countyfetes, all you will ever have to pay is your advertising cost.

Do event organisers have to pay or register to access the site?
This website is free for anybody to access 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Viewers do not need to register or buy a publication with a password to access the site.

I've been notified that my advert is live but I cannot see it?
We only send out notification that your adverts have gone live on the website after our website designers have uploaded your advert details and logos to Countyfetes on the internet, and most importantly only after our sales department have viewed and checked your advert content and quality live on the website. Occasionally advertisers find (depending upon their own personal internet browsing configurations and security settings) that they cannot see their adverts or only partially. Very often this can be simply fixed by clearing your website browser cache, refreshing the page or configuring your browser to check for newer versions of website pages. To locate the settings in Internet Explorer follow Tools - Internet Options - Browsing History - Delete - Delete Files - Close - OK then refresh the page or Tools - Internet Options - Browsing History - Settings - Tick 'Every time I visit the webpage' - OK then refresh the page. If however you can view advert text and but no images first check that you have 'Show pictures' and Play animations enabled. To locate the settings in Internet Explorer follow Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - Multimedia - OK. If this does not work your level of Internet Explorer browsing security may need to be altered or your anti virus software will need to be configured to allow images to be displayed and will need to be added to your safe website list. Please refer to your software help files and documentation for guidance or if in any doubt consult a qualified computer consultant for further advice.

My advert is live but I cannot find it using the Site Search?
Our Site Search database is updated regularly every Monday or the closest working day after should Monday fall on a public holiday, if however you cannot find your adverts listed in our Site Search after the next update closest to your adverts going live please contact us

More information
If you would like any further information or have any questions you would like answered we will be more than happy discuss them with you contact us