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Delegate tasks
You've established what your event is setting out to achieve and the theme of your event. Now you need to set up a committee and delegate tasks to your members. Organise a committee! we're only planning a small firework party I hear you say! No matter how small your event, it is good practice to organise a committee of members who will be responsible for particular aspects of your event. You will be a surprised at the amount of different things that need organising.

Firstly appoint yourself or a suitable candidate as overall event manager who will oversee all the event planning and delegate tasks. You will need to have a safety officer responsible for the events safety and first aid provisions. For smaller events the safety officer can be the same person as the event manager. Just as relevant for smaller outdoor events as with larger events, it is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure safety of helpers and visitors.     

Depending upon the size of your event you may then decide to recruit individuals to deal with various aspects of organising your event. For example if you're planning to use professional services such as fireworks display companies, fun fair amusements, portable toilets hire etc you may want to have just one person to liaise with those businesses. You may also want to put a person in charge of organising the advertising of the event, one person in charge of organising charity collections and fund raising etc.




Planning intro
Planning and research is the key to organising a successful event.
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Plan early
Start planning as early as possible.
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Your event aims
Establish what your event is setting out to achieve.
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Event ideas
Firework display, Halloween parties.
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Delegate tasks
Set up a committee and delegate tasks.
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When and where
Time and place to hold your event.
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Financial planning
New events can need initial funding.
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