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Your event aims
Part of the planning process is to firmly establish what your Autumn event is setting out to achieve, goals and aims. You may be holding an event to help raise money for repairs to a community building, funds for a local charity, better facilities or equipment for your school, you could be holding your event as a profitable business venture, or you may simply be looking to improve upon last year's event, perhaps to make it bigger and better than it previously was.

Whatever the reasons for holding your event you will need to set out and plan your target figure that you're hoping to raise, where you expect to raise your target  funds or profits from and importantly what expenses will have to be taken out of any funds raised to cover outside services provided by perhaps a firework display company or for marquee or lighting hire.

Set a realistic target figure to raise, allowing for weather conditions and expected turnout, let's say £500. Now work out where that money is going to come from. Will you be charging visitors at the gate to attend your event? If the fee is set to high this might deter visitors from coming to your event. Try to establish a fee that is suitable for the audience you are trying to attract. Will you be selling catering or amusement concessions or trade stand pitches? Will you be charging a parking fee per car? Allowing volunteers with collection tins to mingle amongst crowds can help raise funds and works best when entrance is free, the public are reluctant to give more if they have just paid to get in.    




Planning intro
Planning and research is the key to organising a successful event.
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Plan early
Start planning as early as possible.
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Your event aims
Establish what your event is setting out to achieve.
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Event ideas
Firework display, Halloween parties.
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Delegate tasks
Set up a committee and delegate tasks.
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When and where
Time and place to hold your event.
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Financial planning
New events can need initial funding.
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