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Event ideas
Part of the event planning process is to decide the theme of your autumn event, whether its going to be a harvest festival aimed at families, a Halloween party for kids or a bonfire and firework display for all. All are great fun and can be great fund raisers if organised properly, but if your event is identical and predictable year after year you run the risk of the event becoming stale, it stops attracting new visitors and consequently your funds raised or profits reduce.

So is there anything that can be done to liven your event up a little bit to attract more than just the committee members and family friends? Most events held between September and the end of November are well known by just about everyone, harvest festivals, Halloween and bonfire night are all part of the annual calendar of what's on. The secret is to have a different theme to your event each year, different things going on that will make people look forward to the event particularly if it involves in advance preparations and public participation.    

Themes for harvest festivals could include dressing up as your favourite vegetable or fruit, great for kids at school and could help encourage healthy eating. Other ideas could include best fruit baskets or harvest crop fancy hats, the strangest looking fruit or vegetable competition, a crazy fruit and vegetable disco or how about a medieval harvest banquet for adults with hog roast, bar, fire eaters, jesters or a live band.

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Planning intro
Planning and research is the key to organising a successful event.
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Plan early
Start planning as early as possible.
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Your event aims
Establish what your event is setting out to achieve.
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Event ideas
Firework display, Halloween parties.
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Delegate tasks
Set up a committee and delegate tasks.
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When and where
Time and place to hold your event.
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Financial planning
New events can need initial funding.
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