Welcome to Whittles Funtime - Traditional Amusement Rides and Event Amusements

Welcome to Whittles Funtime
We are a family run amusements business which can be traced back over a hundred years providing rides and amusements at outdoor events. We are completely self contained and once the booking to attend is confirmed we do all the preparation work and once on site we can set up virtually anywhere. We can also work with the organiser to set up our equipment in a suitable place and with our knowledge and understanding we can advise the best position for the equipment and amusements, to give all involved a really memorable time. Our business is to make your forthcoming event an enjoyable stress free time for you.

Safety and Insurance
We are able to assemble all equipment, to operate it during the day and dismantle it. Each item of equipment is manned by trained staff and we have the knowledge on both the speed of the ride or the time allowed for each ride to give the customer a good time. Our equipment has a yearly ADIPS and HSE inspection and test which allow us to have a 10 million pound public liability insurance. Full risk assessments can be provided if required, we can also provide our own power supply with a silent running generator.

Chair-o-Plane Ride
Recently refurbished old fashioned 1950's Coulston built ride which holds up to 20 children - recommended for ages between 4 and 13 years old. It is 26 foot in diameter and seats up to 20 and it has safety gates around the ride to keep the public at a safe place and distance to watch it in motion.

Whittles Funtime - Traditional Amusement Rides and Event Amusements
Whittles Funtime - Traditional Amusement Rides and Event Amusements

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Cup and Saucer Ride
The novelty style cup and saucer ride is a favourite with all ages ideally starting from 2 years up to late teenagers. The ride stands out with brightly coloured cups and with its tea pot that stands in the centre this would be a fantastic attraction for any event This ride is 18ft in diameter and can be erected in 15 minutes.

Giant Novelty Slide
This slide is unique being designed as a hot rod car and stands about 22ft tall, thereby being a good attraction to have at your event as it can be seen in the sky line. A good all round ride ideally aged for children, who can walk, to teenagers.

Inflatable Jumping Dome
This is another excellent and unique attraction that has as it is an enclosed bouncing area with walls and a roof to keep the sun or the rain off. It has observing windows so the children can be seen by parents whilst bouncing.

Cork Shooting Gallery
People of all ages enjoy playing this traditional cork shooting gallery game from parents showing off to their children, to adults competing against each other to see who is best. The aim of this game is to load the gun and shoot the cork at the two shelves at the back of the stall, Whatever you knock off the shelf is your prize.

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