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Jade Roller And Face Yoga Kit

Jade Roller And Face Yoga Kit


Available from  The Glow Company


Product details - Facial exercises and workouts, known as 'face yoga', are becoming massively popular, as a non invasive alternative to botox and fillers. For those looking for a more holistic and affordable approach to skincare to compliment their facial yoga workouts, this kit contains a range of products to help in the battle against ageing. Jade roller an ancient beauty product used for centuries, this handheld tool is used to improve circulation, decrease under eye bags, and calm inflammation. Jade is naturally very cold, and anything cooling applied to the skin can help calm swelling by constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation. Rolled over the face, jade rollers are extremely soothing and may improve blood flow and help with lymphatic drainage. Rosehip oil rosehip oil is loaded with antioxidants, including vitamin c and e, to help fight the free radicals that can cause premature ageing. Rosehip oil is also high in linoleic acid which is a super moisturising fatty acid, helpful against acne, and to help soothe irritation. Rosehip oil also contains the powerful antioxidant vitamin a, that like vit c and e helps fight free radicals, but also boosts collagen production and speeds up the skins natural exfoliating process. Vitamin a is one of the only 'proven' skincare ingredients to reduce wrinkles! Vitamin a is a retinoid, often seen in expensive anti wrinkle serums, but a much more gentle version, so ideal for those with sensitive skin, or who find many strong retinoid potions too irritating. Honey floral water with a subtle gentle formula, it will gently refresh the skin, and give the perfect final touch to your evening cleansing ritual. Floral waters are also used as a component in other cosmetic preparations, so this ideal to mix with the green clay face mask. Green clay mask green clay is in high demand within the beauty industry for its fantastic absorbent properties. Also known as illite clay, it is made up of decomposed plant material, and is rich in minerals such as calcium, aluminium, magnesium, phosperous, silica, and zinc. It works by drawing out impurities and toxins, toning, firming, and stimulating the skin. When used as a mask it helps to tighten pores, and exfoliates dead skin, to reveal a fresher smoother complexion. It can be mixed with oils, or floral water, and simply lather onto the face and relax for 5 10 minutes, maybe complete the 'spa' look with a couple of cucumber slices and a head towel! Konjac sponge japans secret to flawless skin, the sponge is made from natural konjac root, which is a vegetable from asia, they were originally used as a sponge for babies, as they were so gentle, but have been found to be fantastic at cleansing and exfoliating the face. Konjac sponges have a unique propriety layer that holds water very well, which acts as a buffer between the sponge and the skin, so even with hard scrubbing the fibres of the sponge don't actually scrape the skin. Its a weird and wonderful sensation, almost like washing your face with jelly!

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Jade Roller And Face Yoga Ki



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