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When you think of fairground rides and amusements you instantly remember those great fun days out as a teenager when the funfair came to town. As many fairground ride attraction owners provide single or smaller rides for smaller events, private parties, weddings, corporate events and filming, it's easy to bring that great fairground experience to your event or function without having to hire a whole funfair. From traditional carousels and roundabouts to dodgems and twisters there's something for every type of event.
Making the best use of
Look at the type of event or function you are holding, consider the amount of space you have available and try to target the rides and amusements to suit the age groups that are attending. Roundabout rides such as cup and saucers are ideal for younger children, faster rides for teenagers perhaps dodgems but if you are looking for a magical feel to a wedding or Christmas function a traditional carousel with galloping horses is ideal.
How many do I need?
If you're holding a private party, wedding or function and individual funfair ride or amusement may be quite sufficient whereas if you're holding a larger event where you expect many people to attend you may require a variety of rides. Talk to your chosen funfair amusement operator who will be able to advise more accurately given the amount of space you have available and how many rides will be needed for the amount attending.
Booking suggestions
As soon as you know when your event or function is to be held make booking enquiries as early as possible as many fairground attraction operators have regular annual larger events prebooked. Fees.  Payment arrangements and single ride hire rates vary from company to company, some may require payment in advance and some may require a deposit and invoice for final payment nearer the event date.
Regulations, insurance and other useful notes
All fairground amusement operators are required by law to have public liability insurance and an up to date safety inspection certificate.
"Showman's Guild Rights (SGR)" 
This may apply if you intend to hold your event or function for more than two consecutive years using the same fairground amusement operator or close too where another funfair is or has operated in the past few weeks. Talk to your fairground operator as this may have an effect and put restrictions on future events you plan to hold. Please note: This does not apply to fairground amusement ride operators who are not members of the Showman's Guild.
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