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Chinese Flying Lanterns Congratulations 5 Pack

Chinese Flying Lanterns Congratulations 5 Pack


Available from  The Glow Company


Product details - Traditional chinese flying lanterns. Send your chinese flying lantern soaring to celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, halloween, bonfire night, diwali or any other special event. It will fly for up to 20 minutes and can rise over a mile in the sky where it will still be visible all around! Traditionally used in chinese and thai celebrations, chinese flying lanterns are a beautiful and fascinating way to light up the sky that’s becoming increasingly popular throughout the world for any kind of event. Flying lanterns are traditionally known as ‘khom fay’ or ‘khom loy’ in china and have been used for nearly two thousand years. It was believed that wishes written on lanterns would rise up to the heavens and come true. The sky lantern is made from flame retardant, 100% bio degradable materials and the frame is made from bamboo a wood that is quickly replenished. A quieter, gentler alternative to fireworks, flying lanterns are the safe, simple and perfect way to create an amazing visual display in the sky! These flying lanterns are very simple to set up, just follow the easy instructions on the back of the pack and you'll have your lantern up in the air in no time. While they look phenomenal, chinese flying lanterns are only for adults because of the use of fire. Size 33cm diameter x 84.5cm safety instructions only use in very calm conditions.only use in open spaces and not near to buildings.not suitable for use by children under 16.never use near airports, under flight paths, near pylons or overhead not use near anything that may catch fire, such as dry crops or woodland.keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby.this product is not a toy and should not be used by not tie anything or add any weight at all to the not use if you are under the influence of alcohol.

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Chinese Flying Lanterns Cong



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