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Risk assessment continued
Below are a few examples of the possible risks and hazards that you may be able to identify from studying your event site plan.
Access to your event. Possible risks could include narrow country lanes making it difficult for pedestrians, vehicles and emergency services to access the event, resulting in a high possibility that a pedestrian may be hit by a vehicle.
Your event site. The risks and hazards you are looking for range from animal faeces from farm stock, possible risk of bacterial infection particularly for young children. Nearby water risks from ponds, rivers and streams. Uneven ground and very steep slopes, a possible risk for elderly folk. Power cables overhead and on the ground from mains, possible risk of electrocution (balloons on string etc).
Equipment. Pour positioning of any hired equipment, preventing easy access for emergency services,  exposed wires and cabling leading to possible risk of tripping, inadequate restricted area notices, in areas such as catering facilities, gas and generators etc.      
Entertainment and amusements. Displays and parades involving animals, vehicles, weapons, flames, special effects, parachuting will need to be risk assessed for potential hazards. Amusements and stall operators should provide you with a safety certificate, a written risk assessment and insurance cover certificate. 

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Important step  
Regulations are in place to protect the general public from all types of risks and hazards.
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Risk assessment
All events large or small, indoors or outside must be risk assessed.
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Food safety
Providing catering? How to comply with current hygiene regulations.
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Insurance cover
All events, whether large or small will require public liability insurance.
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Local councils
Local councils  provide a wide variety of useful information, advice and services.
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(The most relevant safety law is likely to be the Health and Safety At Work etc. Act 1974 and its accompanying Regulations).

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