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Insurance cover
Insurance cover for events can be a complex subject with different products for different types of events, but generally speaking any event, whatever type, whether large or small, indoors or outdoors and where you are inviting the general public you must provide public liability insurance with a minimum £2million of cover.

Back to basics, what is public liability insurance cover and why do you need to provide it? Put simply, it is an insurance to protect the event organiser should a claim or legal action be made as a result of an accident or incident affecting any of the event employees, volunteers, associated helpers, performers or any member of the general public attending the event.

In addition to the standard event public liability insurance offered by insurance companies many other types of specialist cover can also be provided to cover individual specific requirements, these can include:
Cancellation and abandonment of your event including adverse weather conditions. None appearance of key persons or services. Prize cover indemnity. Loss or damage to property, owned or hired in, plus money and door receipts cover. We have a range of specialist event insurers under each directory area who will be able to offer more specialist insurance advice.

Although you are required to provide liability insurance at your event you are not required to provide liability  insurance cover for any contractors, event businesses or services you may employ for your event. 

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Important step  
Regulations are in place to protect the general public from all types of risks and hazards.
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Risk assessment
All events large or small, indoors or outside must be risk assessed.
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Food safety
Providing catering? How to comply with current hygiene regulations.
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Insurance cover
All events, whether large or small will require public liability insurance.
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Local councils
Local councils  provide a wide variety of useful information, advice and services.
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By Mark Trevor - Managing Director of Insurex Expo-Sure

Stunning climax to your event 
As we all know fireworks can make a stunning climax to a function adding that extra wow factor. Whilst the spectator can sit back, relax and enjoy the show, for an event organiser there are demands and challenges which come with producing a successful and most importantly safe display. With 991 people injured by fireworks in the UK during the 2005 Bonfire Night season* there are obvious dangers associated with fireworks but by following the right advice and carrying out a full risk management assessment, an event organiser can be certain they are doing everything in their power to minimise the risk of injury at their event.

Correct insurance
An important part of creating a successful firework display is having the correct insurance to protect against any financial and legal implications if the worst should happen. For example if a member of the audience was injured by a stray firework public liability insurance will help an organisation face the financial and legal consequences with confidence.

Recommendations and guidelines
Organisers must also make sure they, or the company/individual they have hired to set up a firework display for their event, adhere to the guidelines and recommendations detailed in the Department for Business Innovation & Skills  leaflet "Safe use of fireworks" - relating to fireworks and bonfire events.² By following these guidelines event organisers will be covered by liability insurance if an incident were to happen.

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