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Food safety and hygiene regulations
Providing food safely for a large amount of people without any previous food handling experience or training is an undertaking that we at countyfetes would not recommend to any event organiser. Every year, people who are not used to catering for large numbers, hire halls and organise big private parties or functions.  Food is often prepared in several private houses by several individuals well in advance of the event and then separately transported to the venue.
What are acceptable practices in your kitchen for your own family at home are not acceptable when catering on a large scale. Safe food preparation, handling and transportation should be your number one priority along with the health of all your guest. If food is contaminated or bacteria are given a chance to multiply, it might turn out to be a "night to remember" for all the wrong reasons! A food poisoning outbreak can be disruptive for all the households involved.

We've all seen a high profile cases of food poisoning on the news and the devastating effect that has on families, if you are in any doubt about providing catering safely, leave well alone and hire a professional caterer. For those saying "we've always done the catering in the past" and "we've never had any problems" we will help guide you through the main safe food preparation pointers. Links to free food safety publications, information and up to date news covering all aspects of food hygiene are available from your local council website and government websites.

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Important step  
Regulations are in place to protect guest and public from all types of risks and hazards.
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Risk assessment
All events large or small, indoors or outside must be risk assessed.
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Food safety
Providing catering? How to comply with current hygiene regulations.
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Insurance cover
Larger functions and parties may require public liability insurance.
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Local councils
Local councils  provide a wide variety of useful information, advice and services.
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