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Contractors insurance responsibilities
Every contractor, event business, event service or entertainer who has provided equipment or who is providing services is required to provide public liability insurance and if that contractor employs staff to run or erect any equipment must also provide by law employers liability insurance cover. You are quite within your rights to request that event businesses provide you with proof of adequate insurance cover and many event organisers do this as standard practice.        

What to look and ask for
Businesses providing catering services should be able to provide you with public and employers liability cover certificates along with proof of council registration and hygiene certificates. Amusement ride operators should be able to provide you with public and employers liability cover certificates along with a current safety certificate for each ride or amusement. Event hire businesses should also be able to provide you with liability cover details, safety certificates or service history documents in connection with any equipment you may be hiring or having erected.





Important step  
Regulations are in place to protect the general public from all types of risks and hazards.
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Risk assessment
All events large or small, indoors or outside must be risk assessed.
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Food safety
Providing catering? How to comply with current hygiene regulations.
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Insurance cover
All events, whether large or small will require public liability insurance.
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Local councils
Local councils  provide a wide variety of useful information, advice and services.
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