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An essential part of any agricultural or rural show has to be the farm animals and would not be the same without livestock competitions and demonstrations. Animals and wildlife are always a huge hit with all age groups whether the event is big or small. Heavy horse demonstrations, sheepdog trials, horse trials, police dogs, ferret racing, domestic pets, special farm breeds and displays of reptiles and exotic wildlife animals are what a large proportion of many countryside events and shows held throughout the UK are based around.
Making the best use of
Animal and wildlife displays can be used to provide both main central arena displays and static visual attractions for your visitors to browse or pet. Main arena displays could include police dog demonstrations, sheep dog trials, dressage horse displays and farm livestock parading. Whereas reptile and wildlife creatures along with animals such as rabbits, birds, horses, ponies and farm livestock make great attractions that appeal to all age groups.
How many do I need?
The type and theme of the event you are holding will mainly determine how many animal related demonstrations you will need. County and agricultural shows based around farming and livestock will need a sizable contribution from local farming communities and related farming bodies, whereas mixed theme events and fetes could easily include a selection of animal displays and demonstrations as part of the overall program of event attractions.
Booking suggestions
At Countyfetes we list within our directory specialist event animal display teams and static animal display owners who are all keen to attend events and shows up and down the country. Fees. Normally a charge will be made that is agreed between the event organiser and display owner prior to the event date. Locating individual local domestic animal and livestock display owners for events can be a time consuming and sometimes difficult task...
Regulations, insurance and other useful notes
A good place to start locating animal displays may be local pet shops who will have connections and contacts in your area, wildlife parks and conservation clubs who may set up a display to promote their park or organisations plus the livestock farmers and local equestrian community.
Important: There are strict regulations in place regarding the movement of farm livestock and animals around the country to limit the impact from any outbreak of diseases such as foot and mouth or bird flu. Disease outbreaks may have an effect on your event and should be taken into consideration.
Insurance: All animal and wildlife display owners should be able to provide you with proof of public liability insurance cover if requested.
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