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Himalaya Salt Stone Fairy Lights

Himalaya Salt Stone Fairy Lights


Available from  The Glow Company


Product details - It is impossible to imagine a world without the electrical devices on which we now depend. Mobile phones, computers, tv and other devices make our lives easier but at the same time make our health worse. Electronic devices emit harmful positive ions, creating an 'electric smog' that deteriorates the condition of the air in a room and negatively affects our health. Himalayan salt stone is scientifically proven to be beneficial to our health, creating negative ions that create the same effect as air ionizers in a more beautiful manner. The himalaya salt stone string lights consist of ten segments of himalayan crystal salt in it''s most natural form. The rich rose colour is flecked with different shades, glowing from within when the string lights are switched on. The soft glow and natural product perfectly recreates the ambient lighting of a spa, transforming the room beautifully whilst at the same time offering countless health benefits. Please note, the bulbs are designed to sit inside the salt stone shades loosely and for this reason, along with the natural weight of the stone, the himalaya salt stone fairy lights cannot be hung. Loop of 10 himalaya salt stone fairy lightshandcrafted himalayan salt stone from the foothills of himalayacreate negative ions to counteract the harmful positive ions created by modern electrical devicesattractive and inexpensive alternative to air ionizerseach himalaya salt stone shade measures approx. 9.5cm will varydistance between bulbs 14cmdistance between on off switch and first bulb 50cmdistance between on off switch and plug 1.5mtotal length of stringlight 3.9mmains powered 230v ac 50hz 12w

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Himalaya Salt Stone Fairy Li



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