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Glow Skeleton Balloons 5 Pack

Glow Skeleton Balloons 5 Pack


Available from  The Glow Company


Product details - What better way to decorate your halloween party than with spooky glowing skeletons? Clear latex balloons carry a dancing skeleton design that glows in the dark! Designed for use with helium or air, this pack of five funky balloons are fabulous fun and make perfect atmospheric party decorations! Pack of 5 glow in the dark balloonsspooky skeleton design11 diameter when inflatedideal for use with helium or air100% natural latexmore effective under uv or black light for best glow in the dark effects glow skeleton balloons use glow crystals that absorb and store the energy from natural or artificial light to achieve their glow. After exposure, the crystals release the absorbed energy as visible light,or glow in the dark. The glow crystals work best when they come into contact with uv rays such as black light, fluorescent lighting and natural sunlight although the strength of the visibility will depend upon variables such as the type of light used, the intensity of light, the distance of the light source from the balloon and the amount of ambient light in the room. Typical charging times outdoors 1 minuteincandescent and fluorescent light white or black light 5 to 10 minutescamera flash close to balloons instantly the glow will appear stronger in a dark room once your eyes have adjusted to the lack of light the strength of the glow is also proportional to the amount of ambient light in the room, the less ambient light, the stronger the glow will appear. To achieve the best glow, expose the balloons to the brightest uv light source that you have. Direct sunlight works better than artificial light. A uv blacklight source will keep the glow star balloons charged at all times and will achieve the brightest possible glow in a darkened room with minimal ambient light. Glow skeleton balloons can be charged again and again for glow in the dark effects.

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Glow Skeleton Balloons 5 Pac



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