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Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall

Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall


Available from  The Glow Company


Product details - Please watch the video above it's better seen for real! Using the latest glow in the dark technology the 'novaglow glow graffiti shadow wall' allows you to write and paint with light that can be used again and again for many years. With a self adhesive backing it is easy to stick it to any clean, flat surface, turn out the lights, grab a light and your'e ready to play! 'paint' in bright glowing green using a torch why not use a torch app on your iphone?! Or use a camera flash to create shadows or silhouettes. The glow will slowly fade allowing you to 'paint' on it again free uv keyring torch this industrial grade photoluminescent self adhesive vinyl is used in glow in the dark safety signs in buildings and glow strips found in airplanes it can be cut into strips or shapes of your choice. It can be stuck onto items such as steps, light switches, door knobs, etc etc anything you want to glow in the dark. It is ideal for arts and crafts projects and sign writing. Paint with light! You will need a bright light of some description we have added some uv torches and lasers above that work best with this material but you can also use your iphone torch app, a real torch or a bright keyring torch. Thick professional grade photoluminescent vinyluse over and over againself adhesiverobust vinyllasts for yearsavailable in three sizessmall 50cm x 50cmmedium 100cm x 100cmlarge 100cm x 200cmcreate shadows and silhouettes sometimes seen in museums and indoor play areas known as 'shadow walls' these are usually accompanied by an automatic flash. Instructions tell you to stand against the wall, the flash goes off and in the dim light a silhouette or shadow is shown with the exposed areas glowing brightly. This product is suitable for both commercial and domestic use and is premium grade photoluminescent vinyl. Applying to walls the glow shadow wall vinyl has a self adhesive backing that will stick to most flat surfaces such as painted walls. However, you will need to thoroughly clean any surfaces to ensure the vinyl sticks properly. If your surface is not suitable we recommend that you apply the vinyl to a piece of hardboard or mdf and then affix to the wall. If the product will be used frequently, such as a commercial application, we recommend that it is covered with clear perspex or safety glass to protect the surface of the vinyl. Instructions you will need2 peoplea dry, clean, soft clothtape measure and pencil if you need to get it level 1. Clean the surface 2. Peal back the top 2 3 of the backing and ensure the top is level 3. Smooth out any air bubbles from under the stuck vinyl 4. Slowly peel away the backing while smoothing any air bubbles out as you move downward this product will not stick torough or uneven surfacesraised textured wallpaper such as anaglypta dirty surfacessome materials and surfaces that repell adhesivesif you are unsure that this product will stick properly we recommend that you cut a small strip, apply to the surface and leave for a day or two to see if it is firmly stuck or if it starts to peel at the edges. You may wish to apply the vinyl to some hardboard mdf and then fix the board to the wall. Please note that red or green light including lasers will not make this glow.

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Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall



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